Introducing: The first annual Queen City of Buffalo Hoopathon
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  • Kids age 5-12: The Ultra Birthday Party from Ultra Hoops for 10 kids
  • Young adults ages 13-17: $200 Elmwood Village Shopping Spree
  • Adults age 18 and over: $200 NOCO gas card
  • The Hoopathon Rules:

    1. A contest for the continuous revolution of a hula hoop.
    2. An age appropriate size and weight hula hoop must be used.
    3. The hoop must be revolved between the shoulders and hips.
    4. If the hoop passes above the shoulders the attempt is ended.
    5. If the hoop passes below the hips the competitor has 30 seconds in which to try to recover it without using his/her hands or arms. If the hoop is not revolving above the hips within 30 seconds the attempt is ended.
    6. If the hoop passes below the knees and/or touches the ground, the attempt is ended. Even if someone or something else knocks into it.
    7. Once the hoop has begun to spin the hands of the competitor must not touch the hoop. If the challenger touches the hoop with his/her hands, the attempt is ended.
    8. Rest breaks of 5 minutes per hour are allowed.
    9. In the event of a tie, contestants will hoop in the opposite direction in order to declare a winner after 4 hours of hooping.
    10. In the event of a continued tie,contestants will hoop from a starting point, go around a mark then return to the finish line. All contestants will be times and the shortest time will win.

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